Why Holistic Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Are The Better Choice

Why Holistic Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Are The Better Choice

Substance abuse has been the not-so-silent killer for decades on end. Society has watched the abuse of drugs and alcohol tear families apart, rip away bright futures and claim lives. Drug and alcohol abuse have been considered a growing pandemic among the youth of our society as well as a staple issue throughout the ages and age groups as the public use of intoxicating substances has become increasingly more socially acceptable.

In fact, in this day and age it is almost considered not normal if you haven’t at least tried a number of mind-altering substances. This is a sad state of affairs, as our mental illness rate rises, so does our addiction rate. This has a global impact as addiction patterns start forming in the early stages of life by means of escapism and have the ability to stay with us well into our senior years, if not our entire lives.

Addiction is not a light-hearted subject by any means. This disease is a life-long battle and the only sure-fire cure for it is complete prevention. This is why it is fundamental to the recovery of any person suffering from an addiction to receive the best and most effective treatment possible. Finding a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that not only cares about your physical health, but is attentive to your emotional, mental and spiritual prosperity is key in creating voluntary, long-lasting, sustainable sobriety.

Before we divulge into detail on how to treat drug and alcohol addiction in the best way possible, we should have a good understanding of the various causes of substance abuse. There are a few common causes across the board that have proven to frequently lead to addiction, whether the disease materializes in youth or later on during the life cycle after a triggering event/episode.

The Most Common Causes Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Hereditary Influences

Substance abuse has been under observation for more than its fair share of decades now and one thing is for certain, there is a clear pattern of genetic predisposition. If a direct relative, such as a maternal or paternal parent/grandparent or even a sibling, suffers from addiction issues, you will find that you have a higher probability rate of suffering with substance dependency issues than someone whose family doesn’t have a history related to drug and alcohol abuse.

Undiagnosed/Untreated Mental Disorders

In the 21st Century, we have a vast and widely spread knowledge of almost every mental or emotional disorder and have pioneered the psychological treatment procedures and guidelines to health aid and treat these disorders. We know now that mental disorders can stem from many different causes such as childhood trauma and abuse, chemical imbalances and even genetics. We have also learned that in order for a human to function well in society, if they are plagued with a mental disorder, they need certain pillars of rehabilitation and therapy to help cope with everyday life. It is so vital that mental illness is not ignored and underestimated. Proper treatment is vital to the success of any human being affected by this. When someone who is experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD or multiple personality disorder goes untreated, we see major increases in the tendency of individuals to not only use drugs, but manifest long-lasting addiction problems.

Core Beliefs And Values

A person’s core beliefs and values dictate their perception of the world and themselves. Within this we find our opinions on what we believe to be right and wrong. This can determine a person’s choice making patterns and lead to considerably dangerous behavior if that person’s beliefs are obscured in any way, such as by spiritual disconnection or an unsteady and unstable upbringing. If a person believes it is okay to take drugs and drink from a young age, they are more than likely going to do it. Just as if a person doesn’t believe that they can truly be recovered from addiction, the probability of them putting in any effort into rehabilitation is slim and therefore success is less likely.

What Is A Holistic Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Center And Why You Should Choose One 

The top 3 causes of drug and alcohol abuse encompass the human as a whole. Body, mind and spirit come together and if any one of these aspects of humanity are affected, they all seem to suffer. Many rehabilitation centers are solely focused on the mind of addiction. They heavily medicate patients in order to sedate them and treat their disease. Studies have shown that a massive fraction of addicts who come out of conventional rehabilitation centers relapse within 12 months or transfer their addiction onto pharmaceutical drugs.

If drug abuse steams from either the mind, body or spirit being affected in an adverse and traumatic way, we should then be treating those 3 aspects individually and cohesively with one another. This is the core purpose of holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. They combine the proven method of the 12 Step Celebrate recovery model with psychological treatments that directly address addictive behaviour and thoughts called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and specialized Belief Therapy, which focuses on the spiritual and religious dynamics of repairing thoughts and actions as well as the connection with one’s self.

Tackling addiction is no easy task, it has to be handled with care and precision in order to be truly effective. Treating the mind, body and soul as a collective has been proven to penetrate deeper into the human psyche and produce long-lasting results in the treatment of substance abuse. The relapse rate for addicts who have undergone holistic rehabilitation is substantially lower than patients of its treatment counterparts and drug and alcohol abusers have given testimony supporting the gentle but effective methods of holistic treatment for addiction.

Hope Again Recovery Center is dedicated to helping people from every walk of life, overcome their addiction in the best way possible. To start your journey to a healthy and whole recovery, call us today.

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