What Is An Addictions Treatment Center And Why Are They So Important?

What Is An Addictions Treatment Center And Why Are They So Important?

Drug and alcohol addiction stats have rapidly sky-rocketed in the passing decades. Recent studies have found that more than 35 million people world-wide suffer from drug and alcohol addiction disorders. This is an astonishing statistic in itself but, put together with the fact that only 1 in 7 people that fall within the 35 million people who suffer with these addiction disorders actually receives any form of treatment aiding in the rehabilitation of their physical, emotional and psychological health as well as the state of their lives, astonishing becomes alarming.

Addiction has the capability to completely dull the light of even the brightest future and tear apart loving homes and beautiful families. Identifying it can be tricky at first because social drug use such as drinking alcohol and smoking have become so socially acceptable and even expected, that realizing that you or a loved one has an addiction issue, can take some time and true discernment.

In more recent times we have seen the increase in accessibility and societal acceptance of even illegal substances such as cocaine and hallucinogenic stimulants. With more than 50% of the 35 million people globally that suffer with an addiction, being under the age of 18, we have seen a drastic increase in addiction disorders affecting our youth in their late teens and early twenties. The suicide statistics for teens and young adults is at an all-time high with drug and alcohol abuse being at the forefront of the causes. Fighting the battle against addiction can be a lifelong struggle and may seem like an uphill battle. With the right treatment of these disorders and the core factors that contribute to their manifestation, any human’s mind, body and soul can be recovered from addiction’s cold grasp. You may have noticed that over the past two decades we have had an influx of rehabilitation centers open their doors to the public. These rehabilitation centers may all have unique and customized methods and procedures of rehabilitation therapies but they are all centered around the recovery of patients who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction.

What Exactly Is An Addictions Treatment Center?

Addiction treatment centers are facilities designed to create a safe and welcoming place for people troubled with substance dependency issues, to come when they have decided that they are ready to shed their addictions and start anew. They are medically certified institutions housing in house doctors and medical care, therapy rooms, communal living areas and homely suites for patients. Many rehabilitation centers offer outdoor features to aid in the comfort and happiness of their patients such as onsite hiking trails, pool areas, sports facilities and beautiful serene gardens.

These safe havens are focused around providing a patient with the support and comfort he/she needs to address and identify the cause of their addiction issues while bestowing upon them the psychological, spiritual and physical tools they need to overcome their addictive behaviors and patterns. Ultimately the goal of any good rehabilitation center is to not only eradicate substance dependency from an addict’s present life, but to equip them with the tools to identify their own weaknesses and strengths in terms of their addiction, and address it before they become dependent again. This is done through various methods of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Multidimensional Family Therapy, Belief therapy and Group Therapy and the 12-Step recovery Programme. These centers also implement physical, medical help in completely detoxing these drugs from your system and treating the symptoms of withdrawal or psychological imbalances due to prolonged substance abuse.

The common duration time of a rehabilitation course is 21 days but many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers have personalized their courses to what they have found works well for their patients. Though the choice of the length of your stay at these facilities is often up to you and your doctor. Severity of addiction levels as well as history of substance abuse can all play a role in what is recommended although, studies have concluded that the longer the stay in rehabilitation centers, the more successful and sustainable recovery was. Dedicated to the full rehabilitation of humans from all walks of life who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction including addiction to pharmaceuticals, drug rehab treatment centers are safe havens for all of those who are indeed of assistance in conquering this disease once and for all.

Why We Need Addiction Treatment Centers 

Untreated, prolonged drug and alcohol abuse has been linked to various severe health issues such as cancer of the bladder, mouth, breast and pancreas, heart disease and strokes, pulmonary disease and the spread of infectious diseases like HIV/AIDs. Filled with toxins and combined with the lack of sleep, nutrients and healthy lifestyle, drugs slowly eat away at your physical, as well as mental, vitality. Immensely affecting the human emotional and hormonal receptors, the constant use of drugs and alcohol have been found to leave lasting effects on our psychological processing and emotional balancing functions.

This leads to increased risk to mental disorders such as severe depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Addiction can lead to the loss of career, loved ones, self-value and even life itself. One of the leading causes of suicide in modern ages is depression stemming from substance abuse. Substance dependency needs to be approached with care and precision. In order to truly overcome this disease, there are programmes and procedures that need to be followed and often, great healing needs to take place within the person suffering before they can truly ascend past where their addiction lies. Doing this alone is arguably impossible and we are fortunate to be blessed with countless treatment centers all dedicated to the well-being and recovery of drug and alcohol addicts. Dealing with the recovery and after-care of addiction is a serious matter and it is always best to rely on medical professionals and their methods instead of trying to tackle it alone.

If you believe you or a loved one may be suffering with drug or alcohol addictions and may be ready to receive the help you/they deserve, don’t hesitate to call us at Hope Again Recovery Center. our drug and alcohol rehab center is one of the excellent choices for saving the lives of your beloved ones. We are passionate about your recovery through the rehabilitation of your mind, body and soul.

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