The Impact of COVID-19 on Addicts Recovery Treatment Centres

The Impact of COVID-19 on Addicts Recovery Treatment Centres

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major changes across the world and has had a huge impact on millions of people. The virus has caused massive concern regarding the mental and physical health of those battling with substance abuse, as well as those in recovery.

Many people may be wary of seeking the help they need from recovery treatment centres during this time because of restrictions of movement and social distancing. But it is clear that COVID-19 has put many addicts, as well as people without any substance problems, in vulnerable positions with heightened feelings of fear and anxiety.

The Physical Impact Of COVID-19 On Addicts

Unfortunately, addiction affects the body in many negative ways. After just a few months of using certain substances, addicts will experience an intense weakening of the immune system. Depending on what substances are used, addicts may also experience deterioration of their internal organised, increased blood pressure, damage to the brain, contortion of the heart muscle and irregular heartbeats.

All of these physical deficiencies put addicts at greater risk of being affected by COVID-19. Even addictions as ‘innocent’ as nicotine have been said, by many authorities, to put smokers in a more likely position to contract the virus.

A young, healthy and functioning person may very well be able fight off the virus and allow for fast recovery. But someone with a chronic disease, a weak immune system or pulmonary abnormalities may be at serious risk of death.

COVID-19 And Mental Health

We are living in extremely uncertain times. It is not every day that we live through a global pandemic and economic crisis. Many people, even people with great mental health, are feeling stressed, anxious and depressed.

People that already battle with mental health issues may feel that their condition has worsened.

Unfortunately, mental health and substance abuse are oftentimes linked and ex-addicts may feel a resurgence of cravings as they feel their mental health slip. Using drugs as a coping mechanism for mental health issues is extremely unhealthy as drugs and alcohol have been shown to deteriorate mental health over time. The temporary relief that substances provide is fleeting to say the least.

There are many people that are experiencing high levels of stress during this crisis, especially people who are at risk of contracting the virus such as health care workers and the physically vulnerable.

Tips For Maintaining Mental Health During The COVID-19 Crisis

People who are on medication for mental health conditions should continue with their prescriptions and pay close attention to their emotions and symptoms.

While many people’s lifestyles may have changed dramatically, it’s important to have some sort of routine that involves healthy eating, exercise and enough sleep.

Limiting your news consumption may also assist in decreasing stress substance rehabilitation centerand anxiety triggers. It is better to read important news articles from credible and objective sources.

Recovery Treatment Centre Services Amidst COVID-19

If you, or a loved one, is battling with mental health or substance abuse during these uncertain times, it may be worthwhile to reach out to a recovery treatment centre.

Right now, many recovery treatment centres are currently operating as they are considered as an essential service. However, there should be an added level of sanitation at all recovery treatment centres because of the current pandemic. All staff and visitors should use face masks and hand sanitisers when entering the facility, and any patients and staff with COVID-19 symptoms should be treated immediately.

Addiction and mental health issues can be dealt with much more effectively in a recovery treatment centre as patients are removed from their daily lives and triggers, and are treated by health care professionals. Sometimes a person’s condition can worsen so dramatically that it may be truly necessary for them to be in full time care.

HARC is a recovery treatment centre that offers a variety of programs, and are staff is well-versed in the current global situation and the affect that it has on the mental health of addicts and the general population.

Treatments During The Midst Of COVID-19

As much as at feels as if the world has come to a halt, addictions and mental health issues will always continue. Many of these conditions will worsen due to the stress of the economic crisis, global pandemic and restrictions. It is very important that you reach out to a recovery treatment centre if you feel that you need help during this trying time.

Do you or a loved one need professional help from a professional recovery treatment centre? Call HARC today and we can discuss how our services could assist you.

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