The 7 Signs that a Loved One is Suffering From Addiction

The 7 Signs that a Loved One is Suffering From Addiction

It can be extremely difficult and confusing if you suspect that a friend, family member, or loved one is suffering from addiction. They may change to become a completely different person and you may not know how to address the situation.

If at all possible, it is best to get them into one of the best rehabilitation centres possible. That is if they will go…

Addiction works differently in every person but these seven signs are very common traits displayed in most people suffering from addictions.

#1 Changes in Appearance

One of the very first noticeable signs that someone may be abusing drugs or alcohol is a change in their physical appearance. Depending on what sort of substance they’re abusing, you may notice the following changes:

  • Weight loss or weight gain- weight loss is often more common as many drugs are stimulants and can cause dramatic weight loss. A supressed appetite is also an effect of drugs. Alcohol can cause weight gain, especially in the stomach area.
  • Cuts and bruises- The abuse of substances often causes people to lose control of their physical abilities and can result in the user falling over and injuring themselves.
  • Bad Hygiene- Someone who once looked after themselves very well may stop caring about their hygiene and general appearance.

In general you may find that your loved one looks older, less put together and generally messier than usual. While this may not be a definite sign, it is definitely one of the earliest red flags.

#2 Changes in Interest

Addiction is a very time-consuming activity and those suffering from substance abuse may find that they don’t have any time or energy for the activities they once enjoyed. They may cancel plans and not have passion for the things in life that once brought them joy.

A change in friend group may also be a very obvious sign. It can be worrying when suspected users start hanging out with a new crowd, and withdrawing from childhood friends and loved ones. A new romantic partner/s may also be an indicator.

Hobbies and interests are a very important part of anyone’s general wellbeing. A lack of interest in these things may be a clear indicator that things are not altogether right in someone’s life and they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

#3 Lying

Lying, cheating and stealing is a very strong indicator of drug and alcohol abuse. Most people will be ashamed of their addictions and attempt to hide their habits from their loved ones. If someone close to you, who was once trustworthy and honest, becomes secretive about their whereabouts and activities may be doing something suspicious. If you find yourself continuously catching your friend or family member out in lies, you may want to do some investigating into what they may be doing.

It can be extremely hurtful having someone close to you continue to lie to your face. But it’s important to never take this personally and realise that it says a lot more about their state of mind than it does about yours.

#4 Sleep Habits

As we’ve mentioned before, drugs are stimulants and can keep the user up for nights at a time. This may cause the user to become grumpy and irritable and then finally fall into a prolonged sleep in order to catch up on all the rest they’ve lost.

Drug addicts and alcoholics very rarely have natural and healthy sleeping habits. A change in a person’s normal sleeping habits with no real, explainable reason may be an indication that they have fallen victim to substance abuse.

#5 Health Issues

Both drugs and alcohol are not good for you. While a person may be able to maintain somewhat normal health for a while, over time their health will really begin to deteriorate.

The long-term effects of substance abuse may be extreme, such as cancer and heart disease. But short term, you may notice that the user is constantly affected by a stuffy nose, sore throat, nausea and headaches.

#6 Mood Swings

Drugs play games with your mind, as does alcohol. The physical effects may cause the user to become grumpy, irritable, volatile and experience intense mood swings which are unusual for their character.

While everyone experiences the odd mood swings, users’ mood swings are usually extremely out of character and happen frequently, often for no understandable reason.

#7 Problems at Work

Abusing substances will bring an array of issues to the user’s life. An indicator is a drop of performance in work or school. Some signs in this category may include:

  • Not showing up for work/school
  • Not handing in assignments
  • Arriving late
  • Falling asleep
  • Bad communication and a lack of interest

Many people who fall victim to drugs and alcohol end up losing their jobs because their performance becomes so bad. While some drugs may help with performance in the beginning, eventually the toxins catch up with them and cause their work ethic to start deteriorating.

What to do if you feel your loved one is suffering from Substance Addiction.

It can be very challenging to know exactly what to do when you suspect someone who care about is suffering from substance addiction.

Confronting them about it and holding an intervention may bring out some truths but they may also deny all of their behaviours.

When you are certain of their addictions, you can try assist them in getting help. Hope Again Recovery Centre is one of the very best rehabilitation centres in the country. We are passionate about seeing our patients overcome their addictions. Click here to find out more about us.

If you feel that you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, feel free to contact our professional team at Hope Again Recovery Centre.

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