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At Hope Again Recovery Centre, we welcome any and all donations. Donations for Rehabilitation is a truly selfless act and we admire and appreciate all of the kind-hearted people that donate to our cause.

Where do the donations go?

When making a donation towards our rehabilitation efforts, you’d obviously like to know in what areas your donation will be used.

We aim to use all donations as effectively as possible and funds

usually go towards improving our facilities and equipment. We also have a focus on obtaining fresh produce for the health and betterment of our residents. We use donations to help us ensure clean and safe living environments.

We have over 50 residents staying with us at any one time so there is always a need for improvements. Your donations can truly help make Hope Again Recovery Centre the place that we strive for it to be.

Donate to Hope Again

With a concurrent residency of well over 50 men and women, there is always a need for better facilities and equipment, as well as the availability of fresh produce and clean, healthy living environments for our residents.

Donating will aid us in our endeavor to provide these for them.


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Give hope to the hopeless

By donating to Hope Again Rehabilitation Centre, you are truly giving hope to the hopeless. Many of the patients coming through our doors have completely given up on life and are in the shackles of emotional trauma and substance abuse.

Our major aim is to take the time to help these people overcome their addictions and traumas in a holistic way so that they can be reintegrated back into society and live a full and prosperous life. Donate today to be  a part of someone’s life changing journey.

We welcome all donations, big and small! If you have a particular product or service you would care to donate, please get in touch with our team to make arrangements. We greatly appreciate your kindness!

Donate today and change someone’s life forever!



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