Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Focus On Binge Drinking: The Risks And Negative Effects

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Focus On Binge Drinking: The Risks And Negative Effects

Binge drinking is an exceptionally harmful form of alcohol consumption that is, unfortunately, very common among adults of all ages. Binge drinking happens when a person drinks excessive amounts of alcohol in a short period of time, and this quick intake of large quantities of alcohol can cause many negative side effects.

Many people view binge drinking as ‘normal’ when they go out partying, or even when drinking at home, but the truth is that even just an isolated incident of binge drinking can impact your physical and mental health quiet significantly.

Binge drinking can often lead to alcohol addiction, which comes with an array of its own concerning issues, and treatment from one of the country’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres may be necessary to treat the problem.

Why Do People Binge Drink?

The reasons for binge drinking are often very personal. Some people may binge drink because of societal pressures at parties. Others may binge drink to numb negative emotions, distract themselves from their realities, or to give in to strong cravings for alcohol.

While binge drinking may offer some sort of comfort to those struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental issues, the long-term effects of binge drinking can often worsen these conditions.

Short-Term Effects Of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking over a short period of time often leads to the drinker being dangerously drunk, and has many immediate effects on the person drinking.

Physical effects often include dehydration, low blood sugar, dizziness, lack of control, vomiting and irregular heartbeats. In more extreme cases binge drinkers could suffer loss of consciousness and alcohol poisoning, which pose as major dangers to an individual’s physical health.

It is not just the body that suffers from binge drinking. Excessive amounts of alcohol impacts your mental and psychological health too. The mental effects of short-term binge drinking can include aggression, depression, confusion, memory loss, lowered inhibition and a change in appetite.

One of the other major risks of binge drinking is the increase in dangerous activity such as unsafe sex and criminal activities, as alcohol often lowers the drinker’s inhibitions and gives them feelings of invincibility. This makes the drinker more likely to engage in dangerous behaviours, while having impaired reflexes and not as much control over their bodies or minds which is in short, a recipe for disaster. Drunken accidents such as drowning, suffocation and driving-related accidents are often unfortunate results of binge drinking.

There are no guaranteed short-term side effects of binge drinking as each person’s mind and body handles alcohol differently.

Long-Term Effects Of Binge-Drinking

The short-term side effects of binge drinking are scary enough, but the long-term effects are even worse. Drinking excessively over a long period of time can lead to both physical and mental problems that may be difficult to ever reverse.

Many long-term binge drinkers, as a result of their excessive alcohol consumption, suffer from health problems such as hypertension, strokes, heart disease, various cancers, liver disease, weak immune systems and STDs.

Excessive binge drinking can also start to affect your personal life over time, losing your friends and your social circles. Your performance at work may begin to drop and you may even lose your job. Mental health issues can include depression, memory issues, learning problems, and states of confusion.

Over time, frequent binge drinking can lead to alcohol addiction, which is characterised by feelings of withdrawals 12 hours after your last drink. Alcohol addiction comes with its own array of issues and problems.

Treatment For Alcohol Abuse And Addiction at Hope Again Recovery Centre

Hope Again Recovery Centre is one of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in South Africa. We recognise that binge drinking often plays a role in a larger problem, and we have had experience with patients that have struggled with a wide variety of alcohol and drug abuse problems.

We understand how difficult coming to terms with a drinking or drug problem can be, and the shame and guilt that goes along with it. We offer comprehensive, holistic programs in a supportive and safe environment, with an aim to integrate our patients back into the real world.

As one of the top drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in the country, we treat many drug and alcohol problems, binge drinking included. If you or a loved one needs help with a substance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team at Hope Again Recovery Centre today!

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