10 Questions To Ask A Substance Abuse Treatment Centre Before Checking In

10 Questions To Ask A Substance Abuse Treatment Centre Before Checking In

Checking in to a substance abuse treatment centre is a very important decision. If you have come to the conclusion that you need professional help to deal with your addiction, you have taken the first step in your healing process.

In order to find the best substance abuse treatment centre for you, it’s important to ask a few questions before you check in. The team at Hope Again Recovery Centre has put together ten important questions to ask before you enter into any sort of rehabilitation program.

1: Are Programs Long-term or Short-term?

When entering into a substance abuse treatment program, it’s very important to know what options are available to you. The healing process is very different for everyone and it can be difficult to decipher how long it will take to heal, but by looking at the type of substances and how long you used them for you may be able to gain an idea of what length program you should be looking at.

2: Does Treatment Rely On Any Medication?

Some institutions use medication and drug replacements and some don’t. You want to enter into a facility that is in line with your values and what you feel is best for you. There may be certain chemicals that you don’t want entering your body so it is best to ask details about what sorts of medications are used, if they are used at all.

3: Is There A Nutritional Aspect To The Program?

Nutrition can be a vital aspect in the healing process. We recommend facilities that offer a comprehensive nutritional program if you want the best for the health of your body and mind. The right food can truly work wonders.

The best substance abuse treatment centres usually offer nutritional programs.

4: Are Personalised Plans Available?

Depending on your situation and condition, you may require very specific treatment. You may also have personal requests with regarding your treatment. If you have any questions regarding personalised and customised treatment plans, it is best you ask these questions before you check into a centre.

5: What Are The Payment Options?

Knowing the costs involved and which payment options are available, is vital information. You need to go with a plan that you can afford. Many treatment centres have medical aid and insurance options that you should look in to if you can’t pay upfront.

6: What Life Skills Are Taught?

A very important aspect in any treatment or rehabilitation plan is preparing the patient to function effectively in real life when they return to society. Practical skills can give patients ways to earn an income or even just live their day to day life more efficiently and stress-free. Find out which life skills are taught at the substance abuse treatment centre you plan on entering before checking in!

7: What Methods Are Used To Alleviate Cravings?

Cravings can be extremely painful, and often the worst part of ridding your body of substances. It’s important to ask what methods are used to alleviate cravings so that you can ensure that these methods align with your values and you can mentally prepare for these methods in question.

Some methods can include mental distractions, art therapy and exercise among others.

8: What Training Does Your Staff Have?

Professional substance abuse treatment centres will only employ staff that are qualified, trained and professional. It is very important that the staff at any facility that you enter into are properly trained to deal with addicts. It is definitely not a job that anyone could do.

A respectable treatment centre will be able to offer these answers completely transparently.

9: Is There Ongoing Support After The Program?

More often than not, recovered substance abusers will need ongoing support when they enter back into the real world, especially during the sensitive time of the transition phase. The best substance abuse treatment centres always offer comprehensive support, even after you have left the facility.

10: Ask For Testimonials

One of the best ways to get a feeling for what you’d be in for, and your possible results, is to read testimonials from a variety of previous patients. Their success stories may also motivate your process!

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Hope Again Recovery Centre is one of South Africa’s best substance abuse treatment centres. If you are seeking help with regards to substance abuse, don’t hesitate to call us and we can tell you more about our programs and treatments.

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